Why Become a Member?

Membership to the Post-Acute Executive HR Roundtable offers HR leaders an opportunity to learn and help shape best practices in the post-acute industry.  Our events are immersive as participants have equal standing in a discussion, enabling everyone to contribute their perspectives and ideas freely and fully to the conversation. Our members hear about the latest trends and solutions in the Post-Acute HR industry, discuss case studies (with positive & negative results) and are always in the know about upcoming technology solutions.  Membership provides an opportunity to network and access to peer support that is so greatly needed in the HR industry as oftentimes, we find ourselves in a small department with little resources.

The Roundtable is designed to provide resources, connections and knowledge needed for our members to thrive and exceed.

In between our semi-annual meetings our members have exclusive access to a Post-Acute Executive HR Roundtable App that keeps the conversation going and provides a forum to start discussion or ask important questions that arise for your organization.    A wealth of information at your fingertips and the ability to bounce ideas and possible solutions for your current HR challenges with other post-acute HR professionals. The app also encompasses a member and vendor directory so you can quickly connect with specific members or vendors you met at the roundtable.

Who are our Members?

Membership to the Post-Acute Executive HR Roundtable is by Invitation Only. Potential members of the Post-Acute HR Executive Roundtable can be referred to the Executive Team by a member or can be self-nominated through a membership inquiry form. Potential members are then vetted by the Executive Team and Board and sent an invitation to join the roundtable.

The profile of new members generally follows these criteria:

  • Senior HR Professional
  • Employed in Post-Acute Industry for a mid-large size organization
  • Current role encompasses the oversight and involvement in decision-making of HR policies, strategies and solutions

Our current membership consists of more than 100 human resource leaders, representing more than 75 post-acute organizations across the country, and is projected to grow rapidly over the next five years.