Post-Acute Executive HR Roundtable

Our Story…Always Changing and Improving

The Post-Acute Executive HR Roundtable’s roots go back 30 years ago when a group of Executive HR professional in the nursing home industry first met to discuss common human resources issues, with a focus on labor relations.  The Roundtable’s founders included many of our Roundtable legends, including Gene Bone, Glenn Potter, Abe Emery, Mike Cunningham, and Steve Ronillo.  Peter Corless soon followed as a member and in short order some of our current Roundtable Members such as Ed Goddard, Tracy (Harrison) Jansen, Karen Miller, Dionne Motal, Brandon Poole and Chris West also joined the Roundtable.  Over time, the Roundtable expanded to include many other Members interested in exploring the HR challenges that we still face today:  talent acquisition, employee relations, engagement and retention, total rewards and talent development.

Members included all the leading long-term care companies, including Kindred, Genesis, HCR ManorCare, Consulate, Signature Healthcare, Sun, Sava, Millers, Trilogy, Avamere and similar multi-site operators.  CEOs from these companies often presented to the Roundtable and supported membership of their Executive HR professionals because they recognized the increasing value of the Roundtable in the ever-changing HR landscape.

As the Roundtable evolved, Members expanded the scope of the Roundtable to include vendor participation to increase the value-add of the Roundtable and in recognition of the growing importance of HR in the Member companies’ successful operations.  In an intentionally low-key and collegial setting, vendors have offered solutions to HR challenges specific to long-term care companies.  Roundtable Members have gained valuable insights from the vendors and have shared their experiences with other Members and vendors, both positive and negative.  More recently, many of the vendor solutions have focused on the enhanced use of technology to further streamline HR functions and to meet the needs of an increasingly changing and challenging workforce.  Roundtable discussions have focused on challenges and opportunities with Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z, and other emerging employee demographic cohorts.

Several years ago, the Roundtable recognized that the increasing scope of their companies’ operations warranted an expansion away from an exclusive focus on long-term care and into the entire post-acute care continuum.  The Roundtable has grown into more care-diverse membership and now includes Members from providers throughout the post-acute spectrum.  The Roundtable continues to add Executive HR professionals as Members from multi-site Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals (LTACH), home care and hospice providers.  The Roundtable has also recognized the importance of recruiting Members who are geographically diverse to ensure that Members can hear solutions from peers and vendors throughout the country.

Present Day…

The present Post-Acute Executive HR Roundtable iteration remains focused on the mission of our Founders, with enhancements from its roots 30 years ago.  The core tenet of the Roundtable remains its collegiality and that the primary purpose of the Roundtable continues as Member-to-Member information sharing.  The Roundtable values our vendor partners and will continue to insist that all vendors offer a value-added proposition that specially works in the post-acute care continuum.   The Roundtable’s primary importance was and continues to be that our Members return to their companies with information and strategies useful to implement best practices to meet the everchanging challenges to post-acute healthcare companies.

Finally, the Roundtable is committed to using improved technology to enhance the Roundtable’s value.  In the Spring of 2023, the Roundtable will unveil our best-in-class App for exclusive use by Members.  The App will provide a forum for members to connect in between our semi-annual meetings to keep the conversation going and allows members to start a discussion or ask important questions. A wealth of information at your fingertips with the ability to bounce ideas and discuss possible strategies for your current HR challenges with other post-acute HR professionals. The app will also host a full member and vendor directory so you can quickly connect with specific members or vendors you met at the roundtable.

The Roundtable – working with its new Advisory Council –offers a unique and valued service for Executive HR professionals at its in-person semi-annual events.   The Roundtable also remains committed to work with a best-in-class vendor to gather and share pertinent data among Members that may be more targeted and timelier than currently available to post-acute care providers.