Build Your Network. Keep Current. Grow Your Career.

Membership brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to the forefront for its members. On a semi-annual basis, the roundtable delivers relevant, cutting-edge content, technology solutions, and vendor management options to keep you ahead of the curve and in the know of the latest & greatest industry best practices.

In addition, to these informative events, the roundtable connects you with a network of seasoned HR Executives to share best practices in the industry and discuss new challenges you may encounter. Oftentimes, HR departments are slim and handle very sensitive information that can’t be discussed with fellow colleagues. Membership provides a private forum to give professional support and share strategies. 

Our members develop a more evolved understanding of the best strategies and practices, leading them to be more complete HR leaders. Our Members learn ways to shorten the cycle to complete critical projects, and are viewed as well-informed when the CEO asks what is going on in the industry.

In the Spring of 2023, the Roundtable will unveil our best-in-class App for exclusive use by Members.  The app will give Members access to a private discussion board that allows them to network with other HR professionals, ask questions, or share case studies on any aspect of HR. In addition to roundtable recaps and resources, the app will host registration, access to hotel room blocks, agendas, and upcoming pertinent meeting information including, detailed information on upcoming speakers, topics and vendors will also be viewable on the app. Access to a member directory and vendor directory will be also be available through the App so you can contact fellow members and vendors to continue the discussion in between meetings.